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The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Monday, January 23, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., followed by the Board of Audit.  The February meeting is scheduled for Monday the 27th due to President's Day.

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Affidavits of Candidacy for the following office to be filled at the March 2016 Annual Election may be filed with the Town Clerk from January 3, 2017 to 5:00 p.m. on January 17, 2017.  Call the Clerk at 218.626.5162 for an appointment.  The office will be open for filing on January 17, 2017 from 1:00-5:00 p.m.  The filing fee is $2.00.

1 Supervisor for a 3 (three) year term

You must be 21 years old and have lived in Normanna Township for 30 days to qualify.

2013-2017 Annual Levy

Normanna Residents:             December 2016


At the September 13th, 2016 St. Louis County Commissioners board meeting, County Commissioner, Tom Rukavina representing Normanna attempted to rescind the county resolution to reclassify and sell conservation land located in Normanna Township. His effort failed due to procedural errors but not for lack of support. Now the issue must go to a public hearing. The date of the hearing is Tuesday, December 20, 2016. We are scheduled to be heard at 10.30 AM in the St. Louis County boardroom. It is important that as many residents as possible attend if Normanna is to be truly heard.

What do we want:  The County Board to deny the reclassification and sale of the 25 +/- acre “conservation” parcel located on Pequaywan Lake Road in Normanna Township’s part of the Island Lake Memorial Forest. Under the original resolution, this land would be sold to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority before being conveyed to Blake Cazier and Stephanie Love or perhaps Cazier Properties LLC, who would then lease the property to their business, Positive Energy Outdoors or their non-profit 501c3, Positive Energy for Youth.

For your information: Due to several years of conflict with Fredenberg Township, Cazier Properties Corporation is now in the process of suing Fredenberg, St. Louis County and the State of MN over disposition and use of Fredenberg property near their home and base of operations. Cazier Properties has also recently purchased 160 acres near Grand Marais and been granted a permit to build bunkhouses and kennel 80 dogs.


· The Town of Normanna developed a Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which was adopted by St. Louis County in 2003.

·       The Town of Normanna Land Use Committee feels that reclassification of the parcel in question conflicts with this plan for the following reasons:

o   Normanna’s Land Use Plan was designed with an eye towards ensuring that residents continue to enjoy the rural nature of the Township.

o   In order to achieve this goal, the Land Use Plan (Goal 6) limits businesses in the Township to “small, home type” businesses. “Small”- of the “family or home type” business in Normanna is defined by those businesses referred to by Concept 4a of the Plan. All are operated solely by family with none or few employees and whose operation within Normanna is solely on private property.

o   Establishment of Positive Energy Outdoors (Cazier Properties) would be neither small or “home type” by  this definition. With thoughtful deliberation, the Town Board of Supervisors and the Land Use Committee came to the conclusion that Positive Energy Outdoors proposed operation, which would establish a parking lot and structures to accommodate up to 75 dogs, along with draft horses, would constitute a large commercial outfitting development.

o To make matters worse, the proposed location of the Positive Energy Outdoors operation is in the heart of a corridor  the Land Use Plan designates for future residential expansion (Concept 1c).  Establishment of a large commercial outfitting enterprise in this location would forever change the character of this portion of Normanna Township, thwarting  the community’s thoughtful planning for future growth.

o   Finally, a foundation of  the Land Use Plan is to ensure that  Normanna residents continue to experience the exceptional harmony enjoyed in the rural township. An important example of this is the long history of this conservation land compatibly serving multiple public recreational user groups.  The area surrounding Positive Energy Outdoors proposed facility is a well-known and heavily used recreation area, serving residents and non-residents alike. The withdrawal of the 25+ acres from conservation status to accommodate any large commercial outfitting operation such as the one proposed by Positive Energy Outdoors has the potential to profoundly impact the enjoyment of other users of this area of Normanna Township, which currently serves as an important community asset.

·    The Town of Normanna dedicated over two years to the development of the Land Use Plan. This involved significant public participation, which required substantial investments of time and resources.

·      Normanna Township undertook this process in good faith, and in partnership with St. Louis County, which ultimately adopted the 2003 Normanna Comprehensive Land Use Plan into county law.

·     The conservation status land in the Island Lake Memorial Forest should remain as such. Certainly business is important but surely the importance of preserving this beautiful green space, of recognizing the strength and meaning of the Plan, of preserving the historic harmony of the area and respecting the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Normanna residents must take precedence.

·   The possible consequences of a refusal to recognize the intention of the Plan and the conclusions of Normanna residents extend far beyond Normanna Township. Townships presently without land use plans could lose incentive to develop a plan and those with plans may question why they made the effort if their plan can be ignored.

·       Therefore, Normanna Township asks St. Louis County Commissioners to respect Normanna Township’s interpretation and resolution that the establishment of the Positive Energy Outdoors operation on the site in question violates the Normanna Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Normanna residents can do the following to help protect their township:

1. Become informed. Call your Supervisors and Land Use Committee Members (LUCM) for more information.  Let us know if you approve of the Land Use Committee Members and the Board of Supervisor’s efforts on behalf of township. We need to hear your responses!


Dan Johnson, Board Chair/Supervisor - 525-0155               

Kim Grubb, Supervisor - 349-3959

Dennis Gunsolus, LU Chair/Supervisor - 525-1526             

Sandy Cooke, LUCM - 525-5652

Tammy Courrege, LUCM 525-2931                                  

Paul Hanson, LUCM - 461-5176

Aaron Gelineau, LUCM - 409-2976                                     

Joel Beilke, LUCM - 348-5527


2. Call County Commissioner Tom Rukavina. He will talk with you and he listens. We need his support and that of three other Commissioners at the public hearing for land sale vote. His number is: 780-7666.

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