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July 2009

Minutes of the regular Board meeting of the Town of Normanna, Minnesota, St. Louis County, held in the Normanna Town Hall, on Monday, July 20th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting was called to order by Chair Marcia Stromgren at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:  Chair-Supervisor Marcia Stromgren, Supervisor Dan Johnson, and Clerk-Treasurer Ellen Hanson.

Others in Attendance:  Jim Abbott, Kurt Johnson and Alan Marshall.

Approval of Agenda:  Motion by Johnson, seconded by Stromgren, and carried approved the agenda as presented.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Johnson, seconded by Stromgren, and carried approved the June 15th, 2009 board minutes.

Normanna Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD):  K. Johnson reported that there were four medical runs.  The ambulance has been painted.

Normanna Ladies Auxiliary:  No report.

Normanna Land Use Committee:  No report.

Building and Grounds Report:  Johnson reported that the black dirt had been delivered and distributed at the town hall and cemetery.

Road and Bridge Report:  Johnson reported that Wikstad and King’s Court had been graded.

Clerk’s Report:  Hanson reported that the long distance telephone service was active.  She created a telephone log which was placed next to the telephone to record long distance calls.  Hanson reported that she had received a letter from the Department of Revenue regarding the governor’s unallotment of aids/credits for 2009.  At this time, there will not be an unallotment for Normanna.

Treasurer’s Report:  Hanson distributed the Cash Control Statement, Net Pay Account Distribution Report, and Claims List for approval to the supervisors.  The claims list is attached and the other reports are in the clerk-treasurer’s book.

Beginning Balance – 06/01/2009$62,688.96

Total Disbursements – June - $25,090.43

Outstanding Checks - $207.79

Total per Bank Statement - 06/31/2009 - $53,929.71

July claims 1531 - 1545 totaled $55,449.81 were presented for approval.

July payroll checks 1607 – 1610 totaled $521.78.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Stromgren, and carried paid the claims as presented and approved the June cash control statement.

Old Business

Normanna Information Signs:  Stromgren reported that the letter was sent to the county representative.

Normanna Web Page:  Hanson reported that the web page is the same as last month.

Cemetery Regulations:  Hanson presented a draft of the cemetery map which she created in Excel.  Johnson and Hanson will meet at the cemetery in the future to update the map.

2008 Audit Update:  Hanson distributed the final audit report.  It was a favorable report.  Stromgren took the management letter to read.  She will sign and return it to the auditor.

Computer Update:  Hanson reported that the computer has not been ordered yet due to better pricing being available shortly.

Cartway Update:  Hanson stated that she had received a telephone call from Mark Jeronimus requesting his security deposit be returned.  She sent him the required letter after which he signed and returned it.  The deposit was submitted in the July claims.

 New Business

Petitions from the Floor:  None.

Summer Short Course Training:  Stromgren, Johnson, and Hanson will attend the training in Carlton on July 31st.

SLCATO (St. Louis County Association of Township Officers) Report:  Stromgren reported on the meeting she attended.

DAT (Duluth Area Townships) Report:  There was no meeting to report on.

Newsletter Items:  Johnson will provide information on road chemicals.  Hanson will request permission to reprint the articles on trespassing and online burning permits from the Duluth Township Newsletter.

Correspondence was reviewed.  Checks were signed.

The next meeting of the Board will be August 17, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

A motion by Johnson, seconded by Stromgren, and carried adjourned the meeting at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Hanson, Clerk                                                       Marcia E, Stromgren, Chair