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January 2011

Minutes of the regular Board meeting of the Town of Normanna, Minnesota, St. Louis County, held in the Normanna Town Hall, on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting was called to order by Chair Daniel Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:  Chair-Supervisor Daniel Johnson, Supervisor Dennis Gunsolus, Supervisor Geoffrey Brown and Clerk-Treasurer Ellen Hanson.

Others in Attendance:  Kurt Johnson, Paul Hanson, Corey Hulst, Bill Prudhomme, Vivian Hanson, Bob Spehar, Leah Hulst, Eric Norland, and Thomas Fitzgerald.

Pledge of Allegiance:  The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was recited.

Approval of Agenda:  Johnson added to the agenda under new business 1. transfer funds from Road & Bridge to General, 2. Resolution 2011-02, and 3. Snowplowing.  Motion by Johnson to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Gunsolus, and carried unanimously.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Johnson, seconded by Brown, and carried approved the December 20th, 2010 Board minutes as presented.

Normanna Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD):  Cooke reported there had been three runs: one fire run, one mutual aid, and one medical.

Normanna Land Use Committee Report:  There was no meeting to report on.

Building and Grounds Report: Johnson tabled the fly issue.

Road and Bridge Report:  Johnson stated the County snowplowing issue was settled.  The Town directional signs are all in the right places.

Fire Department Liaison:  Johnson reported they talked about the fire chief hiring and the mutual aid contract with Lakehead Association.  The next meeting will focus on the budget.

Clerk’s Report:  Hanson reported the taxes and other IRS forms have been completed.  One person filed an affidavit for candidacy prior to the deadline. 
Dennis Gunsolus filed for the 3 year Supervisor position.

Old Business

Fire Department Policies:  Johnson stated there has been work on a draft fire chief hiring policy and discussion on other policies.

Mutual Aid Contract with Lakehead Association:  The meeting will take place on January 21st.  Johnson will attend along with Fire Department representatives to request participation and reciprocal aid from the Association.

Tax Exempt Status:  Gunsolus reported he had spoken with Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) attorney regarding tax exempt status.  Items and services purchased for road & bridge (except culverts) and fire departments are tax exempt.

Tuttle Request:  At the last meeting, there was discussion that Jason and Debra Tuttle had concerns over right-of-way property issues.  Johnson drafted a letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kangas which explained the 66 foot easement exists and it’s the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the road.  Motion by Johnson to approve and send the letter.  Seconded by Gunsolus.  Motion carried unanimously.

Purchasing/Credit Card Policy:  Hanson presented the second draft for Board review.  Motion by Johnson approved the policy and authorized the Clerk to complete the bank transactions to allow the Fire Department members and Clerk debit cards.  Seconded by Brown.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business

Posting and Publishing of March Election and Annual Meeting:  Posting and publishing of the March election and annual meeting will take place in February.

2012 Budget:  The Board will make recommendations at the February meeting.

2011 March Annual Meeting Agenda:  Johnson will bring a copy for discussion to the next meeting.

Reports for Annual Meeting:  Prepared reports should be given to Hanson by March 6th so that she can make copies for the annual meeting.

Election Judges for March Election:  Hanson presented the list of certified election judges for Board approval.  Judges on the list were Eileen Asperheim,
Lanet Baker, Susan Baker, Chris Brown, Lone Cooke, Ellen Hanson, Paul Hanson, Vivian Hanson, Daniel Kinnear, Clark Peterson, Leslie Peterson, and
Marcia Stromgren.  Motion by Johnson to approve the list of election judges for the March election.  Seconded by Gunsolus.  Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution 2011-01 Appointing the 2011 Absentee Ballot Board:  A resolution established the absentee ballot board for the March annual election.  Motion by Johnson accepted Resolution 2011-01.  Seconded by Gunsolus.  Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution 2011-02 A Resolution for the Selling or Purchase of Normanna Fire Department Equipment:  The resolution sets guidelines for the purchase or selling of Fire Department equipment.  Motion by Johnson accepted resolution 2011-02.  Seconded by Brown.  Motion carried unanimously.

Board of Audit:  The Board of Audit meeting will begin after this Board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Hanson distributed the Cash Control Statement, Net Pay Account Distribution Report, and Claims List for approval to the Supervisors.  The claims list is attached and the other reports are in the Clerk-Treasurer’s book.

Beginning Balance – 12/01/2010 - $69,787.82
Total Disbursements – December - $8,510.77
Outstanding Checks - $1,115.00
Total per Bank Statement – 12/31/2010 - $100,819.42
January claims 1756 – 1761 totaled $1,057.76 were presented for approval.
January payroll checks 1871 – 1874 totaled $544.87

Motion by Johnson to pay the claims as presented and accepted the December cash control statement.  Seconded by Brown.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Johnson to change the snowplowing claim from the Fire Fund to Road & Bridge Fund and from now on to charge snowplowing of the driveway to the Road & Bridge Fund.  Seconded by Gunsolus.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Johnson to transfer $18,000 from Road & Bridge to General Fund.  Seconded by Brown. Motion carried unanimously.

Petitions for the Floor:  Jeff Cooke stated that the fire hall will have limited space for the annual meeting and election as there is no place to move the fire trucks.

Correspondence was reviewed.  Checks were signed.

The next meeting of the Board will be Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

A motion by Brown, seconded by Gunsolus, and carried adjourned the meeting at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Hanson                                                Dan Johnson
Clerk                                                            Chair