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January 2010

Minutes of the regular Board meeting of the Town of Normanna, Minnesota, St. Louis County, held in the Normanna Town Hall, on Monday, January 26st, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting was called to order by Chair Daniel Johnson at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:  Chair-Supervisor Daniel Johnson, Supervisor Geoffrey Brown, Supervisor Dennis Gunsolus, and Clerk-Treasurer Ellen Hanson.

Others in Attendance:  Kurt Johnson, Alan Marshall, Paul Hanson, Jim Abbott, Corey Hulst, Vivian Hanson, Marcia Stromgren, Aaron Gelineau, Jeff Cooke, Mark Anderson, John Stromgren, Linda Marshall, Eric Norland, Steven Abbott, Keith Engren, Jerry Engren, Marcie Sandretsky, and  Larry Sandretsky.

Approval of Agenda:  Johnson added town hall directional signs and fire hall security system under old business.  Motion by Johnson, seconded by Gunsolus, and carried approved the agenda as amended.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Johnson, seconded by Gunsolus, and carried approved December 21st, 2009 board minutes as presented.

Normanna Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD):  A. Marshall reported that there were three fire calls and one medical. 

Normanna Ladies Auxiliary:  No report.

Normanna Land Use Committee:  No report.

Building and Grounds Report:  Hanson reported that the batteries in the keyless entry upper door have been replaced.  Also, the door code has been changed. The new code is in the supervisors packets.

Road and Bridge Report:  No report.

Clerk’s Report:  Hanson reported that the W 2’s are in packets and others had been mailed out.  Supervisor’s should fill out the W 4’s and W 5’s and return them to Hanson.  The taxes and other IRS forms have been completed.  Four people filed affidavits for candidacy prior to the deadline.  The candidates are: Dan Johnson, 3 year Supervisor; Dennis Gunsolus and Molly Tillotson, 1 year Supervisor; Ellen Hanson, Clerk-Treasurer.  The new computer has arrived.  Hanson will be on a medical leave from February 2-14.

Treasurer’s Report:  Hanson distributed the Cash Control Statement, Net Pay Account Distribution Report, and Claims List for approval to the supervisors.  The claims list is attached and the other reports are in the clerk-treasurer’s book.

Beginning Balance – 12/01/2009 - $47,561.19

Total Disbursements – December - $3,693.18

Outstanding Checks - $2,207.64

Total per Bank Statement - 12/31/2009 - $87,136.28

January claims 1603 – 1615 totaled $3,023.25 were presented for approval.

December payroll checks 1675 – 1678 totaled $521.78.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Brown, and carried paid the claims as presented and approved the December cash control statement.

Old Business

Fire Hall Access: The result of a joint meeting between Gunsolus and the fire fighters follows:  1. Continue to have the Town Clerk be the holder of the key (or other type of access tool, such as a magnetic fob) for non-VFD members; 2. Supervisors can access the key from the Town Clerk at any time if pertaining to appropriate Township business; 3. The Town Clerk and Supervisors will be provided with a list of VFD phone numbers listed priority order; 4.  In the event the key is given out to a Supervisor, the Supervisor and/or the Town Clerk will notify the appropriate contact provided on the VFD contact list of their intent/action; 5. Upon entry into the fire hall, the Supervisor and /or Clerk will sign the log book with date, name, time in and time out and reason for the visit; 6. In the event that the Supervisor/Clerk fails to follow this protocol, future access will be denied to this Supervisor.  If the Clerk is found to be negligent, a Supervisor will be given the responsibility of holding the key until a new Clerk has been appointed or elected.  Johnson will draft a resolution for the next meeting.

Town Hall Directional Signs:  Johnson reported that the St. Louis County staff informed him that the cost will be $1600. The signs should be in place sometime this year.

Security for Fire Hall:  Gunsolus explained the need for a security system at the fire hall.  The primary goals were to protect the town’s investment and access accountability.

New Business

Petitions from the Floor:  None.

Budget Proposals:  Johnson stated that the board will discuss budget proposals at the February meeting.  Hanson will have the yearend reports ready for the next meeting.

Board of Audit Meeting:  Johnson announced the meeting will be held after this meeting adjourns.  If necessary, it will be continued after the February meeting.

Broadband:  M. Anderson explained the need for internet broadband in the township.  He asked permission to lead a committee to explore and research options.  J. Stromgren volunteered to be on the committee.  Permission was granted.

Annual Meeting Agenda:  Johnson handed out last year’s agenda.  Next month it will be updated and finalized.

Transfer of Funds:  Motion by Gunsolus, seconded by Brown, and carried approved the transfer of $11,900.51 from the Fire Hall Fund to the Building Fund as per the 2009 Annual Meeting.

Correspondence was reviewed.  Checks were signed.

The next meeting of the Board will be February 22nd, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

A motion by Brown, seconded by Gunsolus, and carried adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Hanson, Clerk                                        Daniel Johnson, Chair