Normanna Cemetery Regulations

Normanna Township

Cemetery Regulations


  1. Memorials₁ are allowed from May 20 through September 30 on cemetery grounds.  They are the sole responsibility of the person/s or their designee that placed them in the cemetery.  If they are not removed by October 1 the Grounds Supervisor will dispose of them.  Regulation holders₂ may remain in place permanently.  Baskets and pots must be removed.
  2. One memorial container with cut flowers is allowed per plot.  Flowers must be secured into said container.  Acceptable containers are: a hanging basket and a regulation basket₃ supported on a post.  Containers must be secured by a regulation holder.
  3. One regulation flag₄ may be placed on the plot.  Flags should be 12 inches off the ground and displayed next to the head or foot stone.  Flags must be removed by September 30. Live trees, plants, shrubs or planted flowers are not to be planted on the plot.  Donations of live plants will be accepted.  Grounds Supervisor approval is necessary.  The Grounds Supervisor will notify the donor in writing of the final decision.
  4. Live plants will be planted in designated areas only.  Planting and maintenance will be the responsibility of the township.
  5. After October 1, 2005, if a cross is to be displayed it needs to be part of the head or foot stone.
  6. Regulation statues, bird baths, and benches₅ or other types of memorials not addressed in the regulations require pre-approval from the Grounds Supervisor.
  7. No enclosure of any kind is permitted around a plot.  Enclosures are fence coping, a hedge or a ditch. Grave mounds are not allowed.  No lot shall be raised above the established grade of the land.  No rock, bark, or chips are allowed.
  8. Copies of the regulations are on record in the Town Hall.  A copy will be furnished once a request for plot purchase is received.
  9. Adherence to these regulations is the responsibility of the plot purchaser or their designee.
  10. Non-compliance with these regulations will result in removal of items.


The Town Board is not responsible for the theft or damage to anything placed on graves or plots.

₁Memorials are defined as any object living or not that are placed at a grave site for the purpose of honoring the deceased.

₂Regulation holders are shepherd hooks, posts, and monument mounted brackets.

₃Hanging basket regulations dimensions are to be no larger than 25 inches in diameter.  Feet and handles are required of all baskets placed on the ground.

₄Flag regulations dimensions are to be no larger than 50 inches by 50 inches.

₅Statues need to be less than 3 feet in height and length, bird baths need to be less than 4 feet in height and length, and benches need to be less than 3 feet in height and 5 feet in length.

Normanna Township

Ownership of Interment Rights and Location Markings


Lot Ownership and Interments

  1. One lot can be purchased per former or current resident for the cost of $100.  The Clerk or Grounds Supervisor will view the cemetery with those wishing to purchase a lot to help with selection and answer any questions.
  2. Rights to lots shall not be transferred without approval by the Normanna Township Board.
  3. Lots shall not be reserved without payment in full before interment and the transaction is complete.  A cemetery deed will be issued and a copy kept on file in the township office upon complete payment of the lot.
  4. Burials must comply with all applicable State of Minnesota regulations including winter burials according to Minnesota Statute 306.99 which states they must be allowed, but with all expenses including plowing of the drive in and around the cemetery, locating the grave site, digging filling, and moving the body if buried in the wrong spot and must be relocated the following spring.
  5. All burials must be made within an approved sealed container (vault) of concrete or fiberglass with each lot containing not more than one body vault and one cremain urn or two cremain urns.
  6. Interment rights shall be used for no other purpose than the burial of human remains.

Grave Markers / Monument

  1. The Township Clerk or Grounds Supervisor must be contacted prior to placement of head or foot stone for proper location.
  2. A permanent grave marker is required within one year of burials, indicating the deceased person’s full name, date of birth and death.  At the time of burial, a deposit will be required for the purchase of a marker to indicate the grave site of the interred person.  This deposit will be returned once a purchase order is received in the Clerk’s office and the grave marker installed.  In the event that one is not provided within one year of interment, the township will purchase and install one.  Price will be based on the current market price which will be conveyed to relatives or family members or their designee at time of purchase of plot or plots.  This regulation will be in effect starting with the adoption of these regulations at the next regular Normanna Town Board Meeting.
  3. All grave markers are and shall remain the property of the owner.  Liability to the grave marker is solely the owners and will not be reflected to the Township or those contracted to maintain the grounds.
  4. If a memorial stone is placed with an inscription which is deemed inappropriate or offensive, excluding religious symbols, it will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Cemetery Conduct

  1. No pets are allowed on the Cemetery grounds.
  2. All persons visiting the grounds of the Normanna Cemetery are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.
  3. Hunting and or feeding of animals is forbidden.
  4. All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacred and that provisions and penalties of the law, as provided by MN Statute 307.08 subd. 2 will strictly be enforced in all cases of deliberate injury, disturbance, and disregard of the rules.

Amendments to this document shall be effective upon approval of the Normanna Town Board and shall then be registered with the Town Clerk.  The Board will review this document on a yearly basis prior to the Annual Meeting. The changes will be published in the Township Newsletter and on the web site.


Adopted this Date

April 20, 2009